About Us

Don’t let another day pass by where you allow a worrisome chore to disrupt your life. Relax, we handle tedious tasks.

No one has enough time in the day to get everything done. There’s always something pressing that pushes a task to the end of the “to do” list. So, relax, let Austin Custom Errands make your life less stressed.

Hi, my name is Joyce Michaels, and my passion is helping people destress their lives. Whether it’s waiting on a services company at the house, walking your dog, feeding your cat, grabbing groceries, picking up prescriptions, running errands, or planning an event, these are all important in your life.

But these tasks disrupt our daily lives and lead to unnecessary stress. That’s where Austin Custom Errands arrives with a business designed to relax your life.

Let’s be clear – We all love our pets, but wouldn’t it be nice if our beloved pets could walk or feed themselves during the work day or over a long weekend and you could simply enjoy them during free moments together?

Wouldn’t it be nice if that service company actually arrived at a set time? Or maybe those groceries would magically appear in the fridge? Oh, and how wonderful would it be if all the mix-and-match tasks of planning a party or event would seamlessly come together?

Wishful thinking, right? Wrong.

Austin Custom Errands takes care of these time-consuming tasks (and other errands or services) which frees up precious time during your day. It’s a great feeling to remove the stress of wondering how you can be in two or three places at once.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing exceptional errand services in the greater Austin area since 1987. We’re bonded, insured, experienced, efficient, and reliable. Pets love us, people thank us, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to customize services and help people relax.

How much is it worth to you to recapture a few precious moments in your daily routine?

Call us today, 512-267-4188, and let us help you relax your life.